Thursday, 13 July 2017

Scunci Hair Accessories Review.

I have super long and thick hair and from time to time I love to try out different styles on my hair however I don't usually have the right accessories to help me achieve certain looks, That's why I was super excited when I had a lovely little bit of blogger mail which included Bobby pins, Clear elastics and an easy plait braider.

Starting with the Bobby pins, I found that these had a really great grip that kept my style securely in place all day. I have used a lot of different branded Bobby pins in the past which have came out of place or fell out of my hair but these pins stayed put in my very thick hair.

These little clear elastics are perfect for my daughters hair which I use to create lots of different styles. They are super stretchy that keep her styles in place all day while she is playing and running around, So there is no need for me to keep calling her over to fix her hair.

Lastly is the Easy Plait braider which I was a little skeptical about using on myself and at first I found the instructions a little confusing, But I gave it a go on my sisters hair and after reading the instructions carefully I soon began to make a French braid. I am yet to use it on myself so I will come back and let you know what I thought about it once I have tested it on myself, but doing it on someone else is quite easy and really didn't take that long to achieve.

Scunci have everything you could possibly want for your hair from Styling tools and hair brushes to a great selection of accessories, And whether you want to create a French plait with ease or an up-do with Bobby pins, the possibilies are endless. Scunci accessories can be found at Claire's or on


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