Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Review: Unwash Conditioner

I have long, thick and coloured hair which I try to take care of but it is not in the condition that it could be and this is solely down to my choice of Shampoo and Conditioner which isn't the best of choices. I hold my hands up and admit that I go for the cheapest bottle that smells good and uses the words 'nourishing' or frizz free' or something along those lines, but what we often don't realise is that the majority of these Shampoos and Conditioners are doing our hair more harm than good with the repetitive cycle of Washing, Conditioning, Wash out routine and the harsh chemicals included. So I was really excited when I received this product as it is just what I need.

So What is Unwash Conditioner I hear you ask? Well it is a bio cleansing conditioner that attracts dirt and surface build up without stripping the hair of its natural oils and it also prevents the harsh cycle of Shampoo, Coniditon, Repeat. Its free from harsh chemicals and uses only the best ingredients including Organic primrose oil to nourish the hair, Hydrolized Keratin to strengthen the hair and Cationic cleaners to remove unwanted dirt and oil.

First of all, I think the packaging is really cute. It is a rubberised, squeezy bottle with a really subtle, fresh fragrance and is creamy in texture. I started by massaging it into my damp hair concentrating on my roots and scalp and then down to the tips before washing the product out just as I usually would. I have to say it was nice to cut down the time that i spent on my hair as i think that Putting in two different products (shampoo and conditioner) and working them through the hair each time and then having to wash them both out is a tedious, time consuming routine so to use this product that cut that time in half was great. I found that my scalp felt really clean and my hair didn't feel as tangled as it does when I use regular shampoo and conditioner and it also didn't take long to dry which was a massive bonus!

Overall after using this product my hair felt stronger, silky, smooth and looked super glossy and it also felt really clean. It took less time to dry and style my hair which for someone that has very long and thick hair is a huge deal and I just really loved how this product made my hair feel. This product is also perfect for anyone that is suffering with very dry and damaged hair that is need of a gentle nourishing product.

Unwash Conditioner can be purchased HERE or HERE


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