Monday, 20 March 2017

Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair Review

I have red hair which is such a hard colour to maintain even more so than any other colour and choosing the right Shampoo and Conditioner to lock in my colour and repair my colour treated hair is very important. I have tried my fair share of different branded hair products but this Paul Mitchell trio is the best trio I have used to help keep my hair fresh, vibrant and super smooth. One of the main ingredients in the Ultimate Colour repair products is Quinao which is a grain rich in amonic acids which penetrates the hair bonding to it like a protective shield to help keep the hair vibrant for up to nine weeks, Now as I love to keep my hair bright and fresh looking this was something that I definitely needed in my life.

First of all when I use other branded shampoos I often find a lot of the dye running out into the water which cannot be a good sign, it seems that other branded shampoos are stripping the colour out of my hair rather than keeping it locked in however when using this Shampoo I had very little dye come out and this is down to it being a very gentle, sulfate free cleanser. The conditioner is thick and creamy in consistency that left my hair feeling really hydrated, soft and tangle free and left my hair smelling amazing after use. Now the fragrance is hard to describe but the closest thing I can think of to describe it is a Shea fragrance of some sort and it just smells so good! I used the dual-phase heat defence spray on my damp, towel dried hair which I spritzed evenly before styling, Once my hair had been blow dried and straightened I noticed how much glossier my tresses looked and how silky they felt too, my colour also looked vibrant and not as dull as it does when I use other branded products.

Overall, I'm so happy that I have finally found products that actually do what they are supposed to and my hair has never looked and felt this good, it's strong, shiny and super soft and silky and I'm forever getting complimented on the condition of my hair since using these three products.
If you're on the hunt for colour protection that does the job then these products are definitely for you, The Ultimate Color Repair collection can be found at 




  1. I am always on the look out for new products like this for my hair, I have blonde hair so I need to do everything I can to keep it looking healthy! Well done with all the amazing work on your blog by the way, you go girl! x

    1. Thank You so much lovely, that means a lot :) xx


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