Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Valentines Day Ready with Kiss Nails.

With Valentines Day just seven days away you may be thinking of makeup looks, preparing outfits and looking at gorgeous lingerie sets but have you thought about what you're going to be wearing on your nails? Kiss nails have some really gorgeous French nail sets that will make you fingers look well polished and like you have been to a top nail and I have some absolutely beautiful sets to show you to ensure your nails are in tip top condition ready for the day of lurrrve.

Salon Acrylic French
These ultra flexible nails delivers comfort which fit snugly onto your nails for a completely natural fit. They are 25% thinner and 10x stronger than other brands and they have numbered tabs so it makes it so much easier to match and apply the nails during application. These are short in length which is perfect for girls who aren't used to wearing fake nails or just prefer to wear a shorter length.

Everlasting French
I seriously love these Everlasting French nails. They are short in length and have a beautiful shimmery pearl tip that look so stunning and natural. They are no chip guaranteed and also features numbered tabs for easier application which also makes it so much easier to match them against your own nails.

Arcylic Nude French Nails
These nails are medium in length and are oval in shape which I LOVE! Again, as with all these nails they look really natural. They are thinner at the cuticle for a seamless fit and have a strong tip which never chips, And also have a softened smile line for a more natural look. These nails are my favourite out of the three just because I'm more of an oval nail gal than squared but I honestly love them all.

Brush on Nail Glue
This brush on nail glue applies like a nail polish which brushes on evenly and doesn't have air bubbles. It bonds the artificial nail to yours within seconds and I think this is so much easier to use than those squeezy tubes that you get in other branded nail sets. It is a really strong adhesive that sticks the nails down really well and I had complete confidence getting on with day to day tasks without worrying that my nails were going to pop off.

Buy your Kiss French Nails from BOOTS.COM and make sure your Valentines Day ready!



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  1. These are some really cool nails - never had nails besides my own

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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