Sunday, 5 February 2017

Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials

So I'm travelling to the states again on the 14th of February and thought it was a great time to share with you my 'In Flight Beauty Essentials' that I just have to take with me on every flight. All of the products included are under 100ml because if you didn't know, that is the allowance on each individual product that you can keep in your hand luggage which have to be kept inside a zip lock bag (just like the bags you pack your sandwiches in for school or work). I try not to take too many products in my hand luggage as you're only limited to one plastic bag per person, So don't take unnecessary items as they will just be confiscated if you cant fit them in your plastic bag. I have kept it to a bare minimum of things I know I will definitely use.

Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose Soothing Balm 25ml
So I am literally having to squeeze the life out of my tube as I use it every single day so I do really need to stock up before I travel but luckily I can get a handy 10ml travel sized tube from Primark for just £2.50 which is just perfect. This is an absolute must have for me as I literally use it for everything, I suffer with dry itchy eyes at times due to my allergies and this helps moisten my under eye area and keep them from going sore. I also use this on my lips to keep them super soft and hydrated and I simply cannot go anywhere without it.

Soap & Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Gel 50ml
A hand gel is an absolute must have for me to keep the germs away and to keep my hands fresh and clean. I love to use this Soap & Glory hand gel as it smells like grapefruit and absorbs well that doesn't take long to dry and it makes my hands feel super clean.

Roll On Deodorant 50ml
When you have been flying for eight hours or more in the same clothes you can obviously get a little sweaty and in need of a freshen up. I always take a roll on deodorant with me to keep me smelling fresh and feeling clean. .

Soap & Glory Speed Plump Super Hydrating Moisturizer 50ml
Flying on any flight really dries out the skin so I would always advise going makeup free with a fresh face especially on a long haul flight and using a really intensive moisturiser. I love to use this super hydrating moisturizer which is made for Dry/Hydrated skin while I am flying to keep my skin well nourished and hydrated.

Soap & Glory Hand Food 50ml
I cannot go anywhere without a hand cream in my every day to day life so I'm certainly not going to forget to pack it in my hand luggage. This hand cream has a really lovely sweet, sugary lime scent which is to die for! It keeps my hands really soft and is very refreshing.

Rodial Lip Scrub 2.2ml
This is a must have when you're lips are feeling dry and this lip scrub is a lot easier to use as it is completely mess free and a lot more sanitary than having to dip your finger into a pot and doing it that way, It has a beautiful mango fragrance that removes dead skin cells really well and leaves my lips soft.

Mahogany Naturals Hydrating Repair Oil 30ml
This will be the first time I am taking this product with me on a flight but I use it everyday and I really like it. I like to use a little of this product on top of my moisturiser to give my skin even more moisture and the Rosehip and Chamomile fragrance is soothing and helps me feel relaxed, It also helps to keep my skin really smooth and well nourished.

So there you have it, Those are my essential beauty products that I take with me on long haul flights. Are you travelling anywhere soon? What products do you take with you?

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