Monday, 13 February 2017

English Soap Co: 'Vintage Rose' Valentines Day Soaps.

English Soap Co is a British, handmade, fine soap company which was founded twelve years ago in Kent by Bob and Juliet who discovered some disused vintage soap moulds in a machinery workshop, Ever since they have been making beautifully wrapped soaps with only natural ingredients and I should also mention that they are a cruelty free brand.

Today I am going to be reviewing 'For The One I Love' which is a gorgeously Rose scented pure Shea butter soap beautifully wrapped in heart printed packaging which is simply perfect for Valentines Day. Now as most of you know, I am not really a fan of Rose scented products but this smells gorgeous. Both of these bars have a very fresh, powdery rose scent which smells true to life and reminds me of an English summer garden full of freshly grown roses.

Once unwrapped the colour of the bar is white in colour that has a vintage stamp imprinted on one side which I thought was a really cute touch. Upon use, the product lathered up really well, juxtaposed to other soaps that I have had the displeasure of using where they didn't lather up as well. This bar made my skin feel soft due to the Shea Butter and essential oils included in the ingredients and its scent lasted on my skin for hours.

Overall, it's a lovely soap to use that has the most heavenly fragrance and silky, softening formula and I have had tons of compliments from friends and family members that have visited and used it.
You can purchase a selection of fragrances on the website including Vintage Rose here



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