Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Rodial review

I love discovering new brands and trying out their products and whilst I have heard of Rodial for some time now I have never gotten round to trying the brand, So I was very happy when Mr. Postman delivered a generous package full of Rodial goodies to my door.

First of all I received six products; 2x XXL Lip Liners, GlamoLash mascara, Super-Food lip balm, Blusher and a Smokey eye pen. Now I want to start by expressing my love for the packaging that each product came in. Each item except for the lip balm, came in sleek black packaging which looked super chic and luxurious. The lip balm came encased in a gorgeous purple tub with a screw off chrome lid that would look perfect on show on your dressing table.

 XXL Lip Liners RRP £19.00
I'll be honest, I have two other branded lip liners in my entire makeup collection only because it is a product that I never really think about buying however I do like using them as they make applying lipstick so much more easier. I was pleased that these two liners were included in the package as opposed to the usual products that brands send out and thought these are a great start to my lip liner collection. Now i have to say that I am loving these XXL lip liners! They are chunky yet easy to use and are great for not only lining the lips but for also filling in the lips too as they are creamy in texture and glide on so easily.

Smokey Eye Pen RRP £17.00
I am completely obsessing over this Smokey eye pen at the moment, Its so soft and creamy that glides on the eyes with ease offering an intense and pigmented black colour and it blends really well to achieve that perfect smokey eye. I also use this on my waterline which is really comfortable and doesn't blur the eyes like a lot of creamy pencils that I have used in the past and it lasted all day without transfer or smudging so overall its a brilliant pencil.

Blusher £30.00
Although I don't tend to use blushers in my makeup routine I have been using this tons lately and I'm actually really liking it. It offers a lovely natural flush of pink to the cheeks without leaving me looking too heavily made up. I am also absolutely obsessed with the packaging it looks really luxurious, expensive and chic that looks perfect on my vanity table.

Super-Food Glam Balm LIP £19.00 
Lip Balms are my most used products, I carry one absolutely everywhere with me as having smooth lips is very important to me especially if I want to wear a matte lipstick. Now I'll be honest I'm really not a fan of rose scented products so I wasn't overly excited about the scent of this lip balm that being said the formula feels lovely and made my lips feel soft and smooth and the packaging is gorgeous.

Glamolash Mascara £24.00
I have been seriously obsessing over this mascara for the past few weeks and have been using it way more than my most loved Soap and Glory Thick and fast mascara. I love the wand on this product it's a skinny wand that has a bristle brush and the formula is lovely that coats the lashes evenly making them long, thick and volumous.

You can buy these products online HERE



  1. That blush looks so pretty I love the shade

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. Its gorgeous isnt it, perfect for summer too!

  2. Oooo some really nice looking products, I've tried their skincare and loved it but never tried their make up range.


    1. I'd love to try their skincare range especially after seeing how good their makeup range is.

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