Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Body Shop Pinita Colada

The Body Shop are one of my favourite skincare brands so I was very overwhelmed to receive a large package including the new Pinita Colada collection and couldn't wait to get using the products. The fragrance is a very fresh, mouthwatering Pineapple scent with a hint of Coconut which literally smells like a freshly made Pina Colada cocktail and made me instantly think of white, warm sunny beaches and crystal blue seas, pure bliss! 

Shower Gel 60ml (RRP £5.00 for 250ml)
As soon as I squeezed out a good amount of this product a delicious pineapple and coconut scent instantly hit me which was really uplifting, it lathered up well making lots of foamy bubbles and made me feel super clean that left my skin smelling amazing. 

Body Butter 200ml RRP £14.00
This is probably my favourite out of the collection as I am obsessed with body butters and this is so so good, it comes in a 200ml screw top tub and has a thick and creamy consistency that smells delicious and rubs into the skin really well. The fragrance lasted on my skin all day leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth and silky. 

Body Scrub 250ml RRP £15.00
A good body scrub is an absolute must have to keep your skin nice and soft which is even more important as Summer is almost here and no one wants to see dry knees now do they? I exfoliate twice a week and concentrate on my more dryer areas such as knees, elbows and ankles. This is a light cream that includes shredded coconut to buff the skin removing all the dead skin. My skin felt so soft, smooth and hydrated that made my skin smell so yummy! 

I absolutely love this collection and it is so perfect to use in the Summer or to take with you on holiday. The Pinita Colada collection can be brought online HERE


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