Thursday, 14 April 2016

Nouveau Lashes Strip Lash Adhesive Review


I was recently sent a huge selection of lashes and accessories from to try out and review. I am a huge fan of false lashes and wear them ninety percent of the time because i am unfortunately not blessed with beautiful long lashes as I'm sure a lot of you know by now.
Now i don't know about you but I have a bloody hard time finding a lash glue that actually sticks and lasts for hours without coming unstuck an hour after application. But I have to say this stuff is brilliant, It stuck down my lashes so well and lasted literally all day without coming unstuck and it didn't have that disgusting fishy smell like all other eyelash glues have so that was a huge bonus. But I do have to say that this was so sticky it stuck to my real actual lashes which I found quite hard to get out but other than that this is seriously some heavy duty stuff and has easily become my favorite lash glue ever.

It costs £12.99 for a 10ml tube which might sound a little pricey but this stuff will literally last such a long time as you only need a little amount. The great thing about this glue is the fact it is Latex free, non irritable and heat, humidity, sweat and water resistant and it allows up to 4 days wear of the strip lashes so If you are in need of a great glue that actually does its job then this is most definitely for you.

The Lash Strip Lash adhesive can be purchased here: along with lots of different lashes and accessories. 


  1. I rarely wear lashes but when I do I like them to stay firmly put!

    I'll make mote of this glue for next time I'm buying :)


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