Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Zoella Beauty Mini Fizz Bars review.

Bath bombs are my absolute favourite thing to use, they are a great way to wind down and relax and make baths one hundred times better, my absolute favourites to use are from Lush but I love trying new brands so I thought I'd give these a go when I came across them in the Superdrug Christmas sale, they were 99p which is an absolute bargain and one that couldn't be missed.

Now first of all I have to say I love the packaging. Each fizz bar comes individually wrapped in super cute and girly printed paper like little presents and they just look fab on the bathroom cabinet or on the dressing table until you're ready to use them. The one thing I like about these bars is the fact they are designed like a bar of chocolate with individual blocks to break off easily if you didn't want to pop the whole thing in and have a cute little bow and 'Z' imprinted in each block which I think is a great little touch.

The fragrance of them is light and fresh with floral notes and dont smell cheap like some other branded bath fizzers do. As you can see these fizz bars are white which is disappointing, A little more thought could of gone into the colour of the product because who doesn't want a pink bath with glitter and bath confetti floating around them?! But then the whole idea of this product is just based on the scent and not making your bath look pretty.

The fizz of one block didn't last that long so if you want a more prolonged fizz maybe use a full bar but it did make my bath smell great and lasted on my skin for a little while. These fizz bars are great if you just want a quick soak with something a little extra, they smell good and look good and I'd love to try the rest of the Zoella beauty range. 

These were part of the Zoella Beauty Christmas range and are no longer in stores but her other collections can be purchased from Superdrug. 



  1. These are very affordable and you get quite a bit for your money! I don't try many bath bombs but these sound just as good as any high street brand :)

    Velvet Blush

  2. I agree and they just look so cute too!

  3. I just tried the Zoella Kissy Missy lip balm and liked and I wanted to try these but they were sold out so my friend couldn't get them for me, next time for sure. Thank you for the review

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

    1. You're welcome! I hope if you do manage to get them that you like them.


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