Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Soap & Glory Sunkissed Tint Body Lotion Review

First of all I haven't tanned my skin with any sort of tanning products in years and the last time I used a wash off tan it went horribly wrong and looked completely patchy and hideous and nothing at all like the brand promised however, as some of you know I love my Soap & Glory products and I received this in the 'Whole She Bang' Christmas gift set and had to give it a go because I haven't used a Soap & Glory product that has let me down yet and i'm always interested to try new things.

The packaging of this product as with all the Soap & Glory products features a retro 1950s pin up style girl with a super clever name and slogan which is really original and nothing quite like anything else out on the beauty market, they never disappoint with their packaging and they all look so cute to display. 

The fragrance of this product is really quite nice, it has a tropical scent which kind of reminds me of a Pina Colada which is a whole lot better than the usual biscuit scented tanning products. When applying it I found it was quite liquid-y in consistency rather than a thick cream or mousse product. Its bronze in colour which made it so much easier to see where I was applying it, I've had fake tans in the past that have been white and I couldnt see where I had applied it until it developed and it just turned out patchy but this didnt turn out patchy at all and was just really easy to apply. It gave me a light golden tan but could easily be buildable for a more darker tan and it had a subtle gold shimmer to it too which made my skin glow. Once it dried it looked even, glowy and not in the slightest patchy, it also made my skin smell incredible and feel soft too.

It lasted all day however, id be aware of wearing this in really hot weather as it is a wash of tan so it will just end up coming off but it would be great to apply on a night out if you are looking a little pale and in need of a quick fix. I wore this tan with dark clothes as I didnt want to take the risk of it transferring onto lighter clothes so just be caughtious of that when using it.

Overall, I like this product, It gave a lovely natural bronze glow and left my skin smelling tropical and delicious. Its great for a quick fix and something I would definitley buy again. It costs £8.00 and can be purchased from Boots.



  1. That's quite an impressive difference really! Not bad at all!! xx

  2. I need to get tanned, my skin get so light on winter time. Would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN and Instagram please let me know so I can follow you back. Thank you.


  3. I don't think I have ever seen this product before, what a difference - I need to go and have a little look at this pronto!


    1. I hadn't either until I got the whole she bang gift set, I was quite surprised at how much of a difference it made considering it's only a wash off tan!


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