Sunday, 10 May 2015

Burberry Kisses Lipstick Sample

A few weeks ago Twitter exploded with Nomination Tweets to get our hands on a free sample of Burberrys Lipstick kisses. You had to be nominated, click on a link and nominate five other followers Who would also receive their complimentary Burberry sample which you and your nominated followers could then choose the desired shade.

I was nominated by my lovely sister to recieve my lipstick sample and after making the hard decision of what colour I wanted, I finally went with 'Nude Pink' Which is a gorgeous yet subtle Rose colour (I adore rose coloured lipsticks)

It comes in a sleek and sophisticated chrome case and which both the casing and lipstick is imprinted with the classic Burberry diamond design which comes inside a beige box branded with a silver Burberry logo.

This cute little lipstick has a creamy texture that applied really well on my lips, the colour is subtle but pretty and made my lips feel silky and moisturised. It didn't however last very long and had to be reapplied every so often but other than that I really liked this product.

This is is a 1g sample size but the full sized product can be brought from the stores below for £25.00 in a number of shades.


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  1. How pretty! So lucky to get nominated in such a fun giveaway!


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