Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mac Cinderella Edit

If there's two things I love it is Disney and Makeup and I will buy just about anything that is branded Disney, So as soon as I saw the Mac Cinderella collection I was completely desperate to get my hands on some of the items.

The only items that I really wanted from this collection was the Royal Ball lipstick and Coupe D'Chic iridescent powder and as you more than likely read from my last blog post I was so so disappointed when everything on the website had sold out within twenty minutes. In a desperate bid to get my paws on this collection I messaged several online department stores and Mac customer services asking where, when and what time I would be able to get it. A day later I received an email off a lovely lady at Mac with a list of stores and what time the collection would be made available. 

So on the 13th March I set my alarm for 6am and proceeded to and managed to get my hands on two items from the collection. Unfortunately 'Royal Ball' was already sold out but I did however manage to get my hands on the 'Free as a butterfly' Lipstick and 'Coupe D'Chic' Iridescent Powder so I was absolutely thrilled that I was lucky enough to buy them before they sold out.

So on with the reviews, the first product from the collection I am reviewing is 'Free As A Butterfly' which is a gorgeous shimmery gold nude lipstick. The collection comes in beautiful periwinkle and gold packaging with a shimmery lavender finish complete with the Gold Cinderella logo which matches perfectly with Cinderellas gown. This lipstick has a lovely vanilla fragrance and applies really well onto the lips and gives a subtle finish which is really flattering.

 Mac Cinderella 'Free As A Butterfly' Lustre Lipstick £17.00

Coupe D'Chic Iridescent Powder is definitely my favourite out of the collection because it's super pretty and looked the best out if the two powders that were available. It's a peachy pink pressed powder with an iridescent finish that gives you a really fresh faced glow and it comes with a little mirror which is super handy for on the go touch ups!

Mac Cinderella Coupe D'Chic Iridescent Powder £23.00

My Verdict:
Overall I am really happy with my purchases and I personally think this is one of their best collaborations yet but that may be me being completely biased because of being such a huge Disney fan. Mac never let me down regarding their products and this collection matches well with the film. The products and the packaging are absolutely beautiful and it's safe to say this collection has been a massive success. I cannot wait to see if they do any more Disney collaborations and with the live action Beauty and the beast being filmed later this year it is highly possible.


  1. I really loved the look of the royal ball lipstick too! Such a shame they all sold out.
    The products you have look lovely, especially the powder! x

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