Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mac Cinderella Disappointment

Photo: Mac Cosmetics

So today's blog post is a little whiny because I'm ever so cross and disappointed that I couldn't get my hands on anything from the Mac Cinderella collection online. Clearly I was a little late after I checked my emails an hour after the collection had gone live to find out everything had sold out. I obviously underestimated the availability of the collection but thought I would at least get my hands on one thing!

Well done if you managed to get your hands on something online as for the rest of us we will have to attempt to buy our goods when the collection hits stores on the 13th March. As I'm heavily pregnant and the collection is out five days before my due date I am putting my trust in my wonderful fiancé to pick up the items on my list so fingers crossed!

Now I'm more annoyed at the fact that people are buying the products from this collection in bulk and are already putting them up on EBay for double and even triple the original price. I think Mac should bring out new rules of one item per person when collections like this are brought out, take note Mac!

Did you manage to get anything from the collection? 

Sherrie Adele x


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