Monday, 23 February 2015

Comfort Zone Cleansing Milk Review

Hiya everyone,

Today I will be reviewing Comfort Zone Cleansing Milk which I received in this months Glossybox.
I'd not actually heard of the brand until receiving my Glossybox so I did a little research and found the company is an Italian skincare line with very high end ingredients included in their products, so I was very eager to try it out and see how it compared to other cleansers I have tried.

  The Cleansing Milk comes in a tall 200ml white bottle and costs £17.00 which can be brought from the Glossybox website or Feel Unique.

It has a very gentle, fresh fragrance that feels thick in texture and states on the bottle that it is suitable for all skin conditions. I suffer with dry skin so I was looking forward to seeing how it worked on my skin.

Unlike other cleansers I have used, the directions stated that this was to be applied on dry skin, So I squeezed the product into the palm of my hand and massaged the product into my face. After I washed the cleanser off I could really feel and see the difference in my skin. My face felt really clean, fresh, my complexion looked vibrant and also felt very soft and hydrated.

For me this product is definitely worth buying and although it is a teeny bit pricey I can imagine this lasting quite a while as a little goes along way, I do think I will re-purchase this once I have used up this bottle because of the difference I felt and saw in my skin.
If you wish to purchase the Comfort Zone Cleansing Milk to try for yourself you can buy it from these websites.


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  1. i've never heard of this either but it sounds nice, thanks for sharing!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle


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