Sunday, 22 February 2015

Avon Ultra Colour Indulgence Lipstick and Free Beauty Bonus Pack Review.

First of all i never really buy anything from Avon but when the Avon lady posted a book through my door I decided to open the pages and have a look. 
In brochure 04 they had an offer that I thought was ok. You buy any Lipstick and receive a free Beauty Bonus pack of your choice. 

The Pack Consisted of:
  • Pink PVC cosmetics bag with a lipstick kisses design
  • Nailwear Pro +
  • Ultra Glazewear Lip gloss

 So I ordered the 'Ultra Colour Indulgence Lipstick' in the shade 'In Bloom' which is a nude shade. The book states
"A silky smooth creamy lipstick with hydrating gels. Gives lips a burst of vibrant juicy colour"

Ultra Colour Indulgence Lipstick in 'In Bloom'
Starting with the lipstick, Although it applied easily this lipstick didn't really work for me and didn't really do what the description stated, unfortunately I didn't really find the colour that appealing and made me 
look washed out but for girls with more of an olive or darker skin tone it would probably look a lot better on.

The Beauty Pack I chose was 'Natural Nudes' as I thought they would go well with the lipstick.
The bag itself is quite pretty and girly, It is pink PVC covered with red glittery lipstick kisses.

The lip gloss I received in my 'Bonus Pack' was shade 'Nude Muse'.
The colour in the tube looked like a dusky pink but when I applied it to my lips it had a hint of colour rather than a full on pop of colour, it applied easily and smelt like vanilla which I quite liked, this lipgloss would be perfect to wear in the summer or for girls who want to wear more of a natural look.

The next product I received was the Nailwear Pro + in 'Naked Truth'.
I have to say I absolutely love this shade, It's a lovely creamy fudge colour that lasted on my nails for days without barely chipping and gave a gorgeous glossy finish and didn't take long to dry. At full price these nail polishes are £6 but Avon always have offers on them for half the price.

My Verdict

Overall, I was incredibly pleased with the nail polish and the lipgloss gave a nice and natural finish, the lipstick didn't really work out great for me but may work brilliantly for other girls, I'd be interested in trying out other shades of the lipstick to see how those work.
 If you do want to try the products out for yourself you can place an order through your local independent Avon representative or online on the link below.

Sherrie Adele x


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