Tuesday, 16 January 2018

USA Christmas Haul - Gifts from my boyfriend.

So its been a good while since I posted. Five months to be exact but it was a much needed break that I needed to focus on myself, friends, family and leave the blogging until I was ready to fall back in love with it all over again. But I'm back and thought I would start my first post of 2018 by showing y'all what I got from my boyfriend for Christmas. Yes, I know it is a little late to be sharing Christmas hauls but I am going to do so anyway.

My boyfriend has spent the last few months in good ol' US of A. Spending time in both Orlando, Florida and California, Los Angeles (Super jelly). He came back just before Christmas armed with a ton of gifts ready for me to open on Christmas day and boy did he spoil me. I'm not going to go into detail about each present because I don't know any info about them ie: The price or where the gifts are from cos obviously they were gifts but if you guys do have any questions or thoughts then please don't hesitate to share below in the comments.

He put such tremendous thought into each gift and I was completely overwhelmed when I unwrapped each gift. The great thing about my guy is he really takes the time to make things special and puts in a shit ton of effort. He is also a fabulous listener. Put it this way, Hes a keeper.


Monday, 21 August 2017

My Mini Break in London.

So two weeks ago my partner and I took a little break in London for a few days and I had such an amazing time that I really wanted to share my experience with you lovely people. London has always been a city that I was never really bothered about until I actually went for myself and during my short time there I really began to appreciate how much of a fantastic city it is and saw how much it has to offer.

So on Monday we caught the train to Waterloo and arrived at around 2pm and headed for our hotel to drop off our bags so we could go and do some sight-seeing. The hotel we stayed at was a Travelodge just ten minutes from the station where we had booked one of the Super Rooms which was a little more swanky than the average rooms (See here for more info). We were both starving so went for a Nandos (cheeky!) which also wasn't far from our hotel. After we filled our tummies we went to St. Paul's Cathedral which is one of the most famous and recognizable sights in London. It has been featured in many films such as Mary Poppins, London Has Fallen and Thor: The Dark World. We didn't go inside as there was a visitor fee of £18 so instead we walked around its gardens and took in its stunning exterior. We didn't get much else done as we had to rush back to the hotel and get ready as we had reservations at The Ritz for 7:30 (or so we thought..) Once we were ready we booked our Uber to The Ritz and walked out of the hotel dressed up to the nines and panicked a little as we thought we were going to be late, but we arrived just on time and were greeted at the door by a fine gentleman in a top hat! Long story short, my darling boyfriend got the bloody day wrong so we headed back the hotel and slipped into something more comfortable and went for a walk to the London Eye which was closed by the time we got there but I got some snaps of it anyway. After that we went for a walk in Covent Garden and visited the M&M shop which I enjoyed cos, chocolate.

This day was a little more eventful as we managed to get a lot more stuff done. We started at the London Dungeons which was a brilliant experience and one that every single person should do when in LDN! The actors put on such brilliant performances and it was great to learn about the history of London in such a fun way. Next we took a long walk past the Houses of Parliament and the iconic Big Ben and Westminster Abbey (breathtakingly stunning) to Buckingham Palace where I got a little excited at the guards in their cute hats and red coats. We both hadn't eaten so headed to the Hard Rock Cafe which is such A cool place featuring memorabilia from the likes of Eric Clapton, Queen and Pink Floyd. The whole vibe in that place is awesome with great music, amazing food and friendly waitresses. I went for the Hickory Smoked Ribs which were amaaazing and JT had The Texan which was pulled Pork served on a brioche bun with crispy fried JalapeƱos, onions, Monterey Jack cheese and barbecue sauce. Both meals were served with Fries, Cowboy Beans and Coleslaw. JT also wanted onion rings which were the biggest I've seen! Next we headed to Tonight Josephine for cocktails which is literally THE cutest bar that I have ever visited. Everything is Pink, sparkly and super girly and their cocktails are to die for! Happy hour was between 5-7 and featured 2 for 1 cocktails so JT ended up with the same drink as me.. Possibly the girliest drink he has ever had the pleasure of sippin' "The Lovepotion No.10" which consisted of Bombay Sapphire Gin, Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Lemon juice, Pineapple syrup and Processco, yummmm! After cocktails, We went back to the hotel to freshen up for our reservations at The Ritz (which happened to be the right date, bravo!) Afternoon Tea at The Ritz is something I would definitely recommend and I am going to write up a full review of my experience so watch this space.

As this was our last day we wanted to squeeze in everything we wanted to do that we hadn't had time for the previous two days and although it rained literally all day, we managed to get a fair bit done. We started our day with food, obviously. We visited Joe's Southern Table and ordered Buffalo Chicken bites, Chilli cheese fries, Creamy mashed potatoes and THE BEST Mac n Cheese that I have ever tasted. If you're in London then it is definitely a place to check out. Trust me, you wont be disappointed. We then headed to Camden and had a little gander around and took some snaps and then me being a huge Potter fan wanted to check out Kings Cross station. I visited the shop on Platform Nine and Three quarters but didn't end up buying anything just because I was hot, felt claustrophobic and didn't want to wait in a line for half an hour to pay for my goods. If you do find your way there, then be prepared to wait in a huge line and get squished from the amount of people inside. Next we went to Harrods where I purchased a Christmas ornament as that was the only thing that didn't come with a hefty price tag. If you want to go on a spree in Harrods then you sure as hell better take some serious £££.

There was so much more that we both wanted to do but we just didn't have the time. I'd love to pay another visit to this wonderful city in the near future so we can tick those things off our list. Overall, the three days that we spent together were wonderful and neither of us wanted to come home. Our little break was simply perfect and one that I would love to do again soon.


Must Have Beauty Products To Take With You On Holiday.

What can be more exciting than a holiday? There's nothing I love more than getting a new stamp on my passport and getting to experience new, unexplored destinations for me to make happy memories of and reminisce to whenever I'm feeling blue. However, planning a holiday isn't easy. You want to make sure it's absolutely perfect and that nothing slips through the cracks, but with so many things to think about, it can become very time consuming. It's far too easy to let your excitement become clouded by the stress of pre-holiday arrangements and leave you wondering what makeup to bring for your luxury, well-earned break in the sun. But I have reviewed some makeup from one of my favourite brands, Sleek, and how they will make you look and feel like a walking vision walking along the hot sand. And if that's not good enough, I have also reviewed some excellent hair accessories from Scunci that will leave you looking super cute along with a Lightening hair cream to get you beach ready and the most delicious lip balms from Candy Crush (you heard right)

Sleek i-Divine 'Acid' Eyeshadow Palette RRP £8.99
Sleek is one of my absolute favourite brands and even though I think all Sleek products are great to take with you on holiday, I think the Acid palette is literally perfect due to the funky neon colours and stunning shimmers. This palette includes 12 shades of highly pigmented and long lasting mineral based shadows that has a mixture of six matte and six shimmers. It comes complete with a good sized mirror and sponge applicator and all shades are suitable for all skin tones and the deep black matte included is great for creating smokey effects and definition.

Sleek Matte Me Lip Creams  RRP £4.99
A matte lipstick is an absolute must have to take with you in your case as they are long lasting and dont need reapplying. These ultra smooth, pigmented matte lip creams glide effortlessley on the lips that don't come off when consuming food and drink making them perfect to wear on a night without worrying about touch ups. Both of these shades looks stunning on all skin tones and are the perfect holiday shades.

Scunci Hair Accessories RRP £3-£5.50
If you love experimenting with different hair styles on holiday then a good amount of hair accessories is essential and these ones from Scunci are perfect. From cute 90s style scrunchies, Rose crowns for buns and No slip hair tyes (which are perfect for around the pool) the possibilites are simply endless. 

Candy Crush Lip Balms RRP £1.50
If like me, you are a complete and utter Lip Balm junkie and cannot go anywhere without one in your bag then you literally need these Candy Crush lip balms in your life. Yeah you heard right, CANDY CRUSH DO LIP BALMS and they are literally the best thing ever. They smell SO good that I had to fight the urge to eat them (Seriously, no joke). They are super moisturising that leave the lips feeling silky smooth and the packaging is so cute!

Jolen Cream Bleach Lightening Cream RRP £11 for 125ml
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't secretly jealous of fair haired girls that do not have hairy monkey-like arms like I do and when I was younger I found my hairy arms a little embarassing, Not so much now as I've stopped caring what people think. But if you are a little self conscious of your dark body hair then PUT THAT RAZOR DOWN because this Cream Bleach is a much safer way of rectifying that problem. This handy little kit is sure to get you beach/pool ready without the hassle of shaving and takes just ten minutes. Even the smallest and most sensitive areas can be treated and hair is lightened to a less noticeable shade blending with your natural skin tone. The skin colour is not affected making Jolen kind and effective.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Roger & Gallet Hand Soaps

Hey loves, Today I am excited to share with you these dainty little soaps by Roger & Gallet which I have been absolutely loving. These round soaps are inspired by the french macaroon and are beautifully packaged in pleated silk paper secured with the house seal and are presented in a very stylish printed box.

Each 100g soap is made from 100% natural essences and lasts for one hundred showers. These delectable soaps remain fragrant until the very last use and are available in seven classic fragrances to suit every mood:
  • Gingembre - Zingy Japanese ginger and soft Bergamot.
  • Fleur De Figuier - Fresh and crisp which envelopes you in Fig leaves.
  • Fleur D'Osmanthus - Fresh Grapefruit and Mandarin.
  • Bois D'Orange - Essence of Mandarin and accents of Basil.
  • Rose - Fresh Nepalese Rose.
  • Cedrat - Fresh citrus fruits and fresh waters.
  • Jean Marie Farina - Blend of zingy citrus fruits and a woody base.
Roger & Gallet hand soaps cost £6.50 each or £15.00 for three soap gift set and are availabe at Marks & Spencers Nationwide or online or at House Of Fraser (Oxford Street and Victoria) or online.


Monday, 24 July 2017

*NEW* Nip + Fab makeup range.

Hello dolls, I am super duper excited to share with you the NEW Nip + Fab makeup collection that I am lucky enough to have my hands on. The new range consists of an Eyeshadow palette, Highlight palette, Mascara, Colour Corrector and Liquid Lipstick and I simply cannot wait to start creating some fabulous looks with them.

Sculpted Eyeshadow Palette RRP 10.95
First of all I'd like to start with the Eyeshadow palette which includes Twelve stunning earthy shades ranging from Matte to Shimmer. I am obsessed with the shades inside this palette simply because all of these shades are perfect to create a sultry, smokey brown eye and all of these shades are what I like and will use everyday. I'm not overly fond of palettes with brighter colours as I just never end up touching them so this palette will definitely be used more than often!

Stroboscopic Highlight Palette RRP £15.00
Next we have the stunning 'Stroboscopic' Highlight palette which has Six silky shades; Selfie, Champagne, Golden, Sunbeam, Rose Gold and Sunkissed. Highlight palettes are easily becoming my new favourite thing and this certainly does not disappoint. Each shade is highly pigmented giving a beautiful glow and I can switch up and use a slightly darker shade if I have a tan.

Mascara RRP £9.95
Next up is the Mascara which as a lot of you know Mascara is something I often struggle with as I have the daintiest of lashes so if I'm totally honest with you, I really wasn't expecting much from this mascara but only because I have tiny lashes. However, I was most definitely wrong. The wand is in the sort of triangle shape which is fatter at the bottom and thinner at the top, and the bristles aren't plastic which is a huge bonus for me as I hate plastic wands. This mascara lengthened my lashes really well, It gave my lashes  a lovely curl and added volume, It didn't clump up and just looked natural yet like I was wearing falsies.

Matte Liquid Lipstick in Marshmallow RRP £7.95
Now I love a good lipstick so I was verrrry excited to see the new Matte Liquid Lipstick amongst my goodies. The shade is 'Marshmallow' Which is a real classic nude colour. It applied really nicely and didn't take long to dry, giving a matte finish. It lasted ages and I didn't need to re apply even though I had been sipping beverages and consuming food. So that for me, is a winner!

Colour Correcting Pen in Terracotta RRP £8.95
Lastly is this little colour correcting pen which was new to me as I have never colour corrected before (don't shoot). This pen comes in the form of a squeeze tube and is a burnt orange shade, I figured the best place to try this was under my eyes as I had seen lots of videos of gals putting red/orange lipstick on their dark circles before finishing with a concealer. I was a little skeptical at first because I didn't see how it would work and just thought I would be left with a weird pink colour under my eyes but I gave it a try anyway. So I applied this pen to my dark circles and blended with my beauty blender, Then I put my concealer on top and blended, It surprisingly worked. My dark circles were no longer visible and I honestly couldn't believe it as normally when I use a concealer alone, I can still see my dark circles peeking through. But after using the colour correcting pen I could no longer see them, Result!

Overall, I absolutely LOVE this new collection and would advise anybody to go out and try it especially the Highlight palette which is to die for. The new Nip + Fab collection can be found on https://www.nipandfab.com/


Saturday, 22 July 2017

NEW Ghost Sweetheart Forever Perfume

Hey lovelies, I am so excited to share with you the NEW Sweetheart Forever fragrance by Ghost. Sweetheart Forver is a captivating floral fragrance bursting with delicate Rose and White Flowers teamed with fruity Cassis, zesty Orange and Lychee and has base notes of Vanilla, Wood and Patchouli. The dainty pink frosted glass bottle with Rose-Gold detailing looks elegant and classic that looks simply stunning on my dressing table. It has the most delicate sweet and floral scent which lingers on the skin all day and I have had tons of compliments about it as it such a Beautiful, timeless fragrance and one that I fall completely in love with every time I wear it.

Sweetheart Forever is available exclusively at Boots now and comes in 30ml - £27.00 or 50ml - £38.00.


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Lisa Blur Xtreme Lipstick Review

I am always on the hunt for a good red lipstick but can never quite find the shade of red that I'm looking for, that is until I came across this Lisa Blur lipstick in the shade Vino Noir. I had never tried the brand before despite having heard of them and reading about the brand on Social Media so I was thrilled when a little parcel of one of their lipsticks arrived through my door.

The shade I am reviewing today is Vino Noir Which is the most stunning deep red wine shade that is utterly devine. It glides on the lips really easily which is super pigmented and it has a dreamy vanilla cupcake scent, delicious! It gives a matte finish which lasts all night without the need for touch ups, So you can go out on the town with the gals without worrying about re-touching your lippie!

I absolutely love this shade and how it looked on my lips. I feel like it's a stunning shade to wear in the Autumn season and enjoyed the fact I didn't have to worry about re applying while I was out which can be annoying especially when one has had one too many glasses of Prosecco! This Lisa Blur lipstick can be found online on https://lisablur.co.uk/makeup.html#/page/2


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