Monday, 16 April 2018

*New Fragrance* Ariana Grande Moonlight

Hello you lovely lot, it’s been a while but I’m back and super excited to share with you a *new* fragrance from global pop princess Ariana Grande who I just so happen to be a huge fan of (‘Dangerous Woman’ was a bangin’ album.) Her new fragrance Moonlight is encased in a faceted holographic bottle with a gorgeous iridescent shimmer that is complimented with a cute plush lavender pom pom - which I am completely obsessed with.

This gorgeous scent opens with Rich blackcurrant and juicy plums and has notes of Marshmallows, fresh and floral notes of peony and sandalwood, Black amber and silky vanilla. It’s a sweet but fresh and dreamy fragrance which feels indulgent and lingers on the skin all day. I find myself constantly sniffing my wrists throughout the day because it just smells absolutely divine. Everything about this perfume is perfect and I love how the bottle shimmers when the sunlight hits it.

Ariana Grande Moonlight Eau De Parfum Spray can be purchased in three different sizes; 
30ml -  £23.00RRP
50ml -  £31.00RRP 
100ml - £41.00RRP 
and can be found at all major retailers now! 

**Pr Samples - All thoughts and views are my own** 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Keeping Memories With Max Louis Creative

I love making memories and I especially love to capture my favourite moments to look back at later that's why my home is filled with photographs. I had this lovely, personalised print from Max Louis Creative to add to my little collection which I think is super cute and completely unique.

The prints start from £9.99 on and come in five different styles. I chose the 'Word Wall' which features a photo of your choice along with your chosen words, font styles and colours for the background. I chose a photo of myself and Jon and had our names in the background.

I really love how the print turned out and It's going to look so lovely framed on my wall in the living room for me to look at and reminisce. Its completely personal, original and a great way to remember favourite moments.

**PR Samples - In Collaboration with Max Louis Creative**
**All opinions and views are my own**


Monday, 12 February 2018

Spice Things Up This Valentines Day With Lovehoney.

You either love it or hate it and personally I love it. No I'm not talking about Marmite, I'm talking about Valentines day and its just a couple of days away. If you are on the hunt for something a little more intimate and naughty this Valentines day then you have came to the right place because I have teamed up with Lovehoney to show you some super sexy ideas to spice up your February 14th.

My top pick for couples that want to delve into the world of sex toys (If you haven't already) is the Lovehoney Magic Wand which is a personal favourite. Its perfect for both beginners and experts and is extremely easy to use. Simply plug it in, hand it to your partner to control and you're both sure to have a great time! Of course this isn't just for couples, Its also perfect for singles and solo use so be sure to invest in one of these Magic Wands for plenty of intense oohs and ahhs.

New lingerie is always a great way to make yourself feel super sexy and to get your lovers heart racing. Lovehoney have tons of smoking hot sets to chose from but as soon as I saw this Moonglight Basque set I knew this was the one. With black lace detailing and rich, wine satin its sure to ensure that your special someones eyes are fixated on you all night long.

Candle-lit massages are the epitome of relaxation and are great way to to get closer to your partner during a night of passion. I picked out this dreamy Vanilla Scented Massage Oil which is edible and sure to relax your tense muscles. Get your partner to smooth it all over you and feel yourself sink into the bed - pure bliss!

If you're new to the word of erotic toys or are a sex toy veteran, Lovehoney has everything you need to ensure you have a super sexy and sensual night of passion this Valentines Day!


                                                            **PR Samples - In collaboration with Lovehoney**
**All opinions and views are my own**


Wednesday, 7 February 2018


I am a big tea drinker and I especially love natural, herbal teas. Clipper is my favourite go-to brand - They use only natural ingredients and are super delicious. It is no secret that green tea has crazy health benefits and drinking just 2-3 cups of green tea a day can do great things for the body so my aim for this year is to drink more of it. Here are some of the many benefits:

  • I'ts great for boosting detoxification and giving liver the daily support
  • It has high levels of catechins that work in your liver to help neutralise and elinminate toxins
  • Keeps liver cells healthy
  • Helps speed up the metabolism - Aiding in weightloss
  • Helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure

Packaged in a 40g (20 bags) biodegradable and recyclable carton, These tea bags are bursting with a vibrant and uplifting flavour. They contain A blend of fragrant Elderflower, Nettle, subtle Fennel & Refreshing citrus - all organically grown ingredients.

 Clipper Organic Detox Green Tea can be purchased from Waitrose for £2.05RRP.

**PR Sample - In collaboration with Clipper Teas**

Monday, 5 February 2018

OOTD - The Polka Dot Wrap Dress

While I usually solely focus on Beauty I have decided that as its a new year I'm taking a different approach to blogging by broadening my content. I have decided to start posting 'Outfit of the days' every now and again as I personally love to read fashion posts.

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet because I am not particularly a fan of long winded posts and I'm not about to become that blogger that talks shit just for the sake of a 'long' blog post. If I ever get to such blog posts (depending on the subject) I never bother reading, I simply click the X in the right hand corner of my screen. 

On to today's attire I picked up some really cute things recently so decided to include some of those pieces in today's post. I have been loving wrap dresses lately as I think they flatter every figure and can be worn Day/Night and also great in any season. I picked up this Polka dot wrap dress from ASOS and just love how it looks on. As it has been very cold lately I decided to add some tights and these Black suede, block heel boots with studded detailing which were in the sale from New Look. Lastly I threw a biker jacket on top for a grungy feel and completed my look with a designer bag.

Biker Jacket - H&M
Wrap Dress - ASOS
Boots - New Look


Friday, 2 February 2018

NEW LAUNCH: Elegant Touch Nocturnal Dreams Collection.

Hey loves, Today I am very excited to share with you the *NEW* Nocturnal Dreams collection from my absolute favourite nail brand Elegant Touch. The collection features stunning styles and shades to suit all fingertips that fuses metallic finishes with romantic night-time hues.

Twilight Dreams
These soft and shimmery pink nails are stiletto shaped with black and silver jewelled cuticle detailing that look absolutley stunning. I don't usually go for pink nails but I think these look really lovely and will look fab on all fingertips.

Moon Struck
These have to be my favourite out of the collection because I just love dark nails. These are an oval shape and are inspired by the moonlight. They are a gunmetal shade with the most stunning metallic finish and I just love how these look.

Nocturnal Dreams is available from Boots, Superdrug and online at and retail between £7.95-£9.95.

**PR samples - In collaboration with Elegant Touch **
**All opinions and views are my own**


Monday, 22 January 2018

Review: Original Patty Men

My boyfriend and I are big foodies and have been on the hunt for some great independent joints to eat at in the Birmingham area as opposed to going to the usual chain restaurants which I find boring and a lot of the time, unappetizing. I had never been to O.P.M before despite having heard of the brand for some time and having seen them on social media being shared by friends and followers. My boyfriend however had been a couple of times previously (Ofc he had) but I lost my O.P.M virginity on Sunday and i'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to it and hadn't spent all week stalking their Instagram page. Before you ask yes ofc I had already checked out the menu and already knew what I was going to order before I even stepped foot in the joint. Now first of all the building is a little out of the way and in quite a strange location that looks somewhat like a warehouse on the exterior but I thought this was kinda cool despite it being a little out of the way. The interior is super cool, Again a warehouse feel. With lamps scattered around, Cool artwork and great music being played (Royal Blood, QOTSA, Rage Against The Machine to name a few) - I was instantly sold and I hadn't even tasted the food yet.

We seated ourselves and were quickly greeted by the friendly staff that gave us our menus. They told us of the specials and gave us a couple of minutes to figure out what we wanted. It didn't take long for us to figure it out cause obviously I already knew what I wanted and although Jon was torn between two choices he finally decided and we made our order. It probably took around ten to fifteen minutes to get our food which isn't a bad time to wait at all.

I had the 'Double bacon cheese' - Aged longhorn beef patties, Maple coated bacon, American cheese, Fresh red onion, Lettuce, Pickle, Ketchup and Mustard. To start with, It was huge and I had no idea how on earth I was going to get my mouth around it but I just went at it the best way I could. The beef was juicy and just the right amount of pinkness and It was messy, just the way I like it. It was a really tasty burger and I enjoyed every single mouthful. Jon had 'Pineapple Express' - Aged longhorn beef patties, Maple coated bacon, Lettuce, Roquito chilli peppers, Fresh tomato, Cheddar cheese and House pineapple hot sauce and it is safe to say that he also enjoyed it too. We also had some O.D.B fries on the side - Triple cooked fries with O.P.M spice mix, Creamy house slaw, Siracha Mayo, Crispy fried onions and Fresh spring onions. We both love loaded fries and these were a winner that I would most definitely order again.

Overall, We both had a great time at Original Patty Men. These guys are putting Birmingham on the food map and we will deffo be making another visit there very soon!
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